Thursday, April 21, 2011

“You’re Letting HIM Post on Your Blog?” Tour ’11

I'm Peter. Laura was kind enough to host me during my meandering guest posting tour. She gave me "The moment you know you're in love" as a writing prompt. I hope you enjoy what I did with it.

anyone can get it up for a sunset
those that just
the true beauty
in what happens
immediately after
the colours are darker
the night coolness
shyly introducing itself
to you
to us
it's always
the right after moments
i think
as the echoes of passions shared
and created
fight to continue to be heard
as our bodies are held together
a soothing heaviness
as our brains recap
the words
that reached escape verocity
shared moments of delicious shyness
wash over
the back of my hand traces your hip
goose bumps follow
with no regard
to keeping
a safe distance
as flashbacks
with anticipation
you know
as i whisper
my lips caressing
your stomach
riling up
the butterflies
once more
you whisper

1 comment:

  1. The idea that love can be found more so in the moment after, is a wonderful notion, one which I believe is often lost on the young of heart. Two need not always feels as if they must live in the light to survive. Lovers are not plants. Their roots can sink deep, their flowers can bloom bright, coated in "...a soothing heaviness," even when the night has forgone dark for something darker.

    Hold tightly.