I'm Laura Horton, and this blog is a place for any of my more serious, less self-deprecating/awkward/funny writing to fall. These days, a lot of that writing is heading for grad school applications or contests, so there isn't as much content for here, but I'm still posting occasionally and hope to get to a place where I'm posting more often again soon.

I work for a publishing company, which means I am a word nerd (no but really, Bookshelf Porn is my favorite Tumblr), or if you go by my twitter profile, a grammar brat (Allie Brosh saved the Internet for me). I'm lucky enough to work with smart, fun people, but the job itself can be insane, overwhelming, slow, dreary, encouraging and fulfilling. Usually not on the same day, but sometimes.

Because I work in a cubicle with no view of the outside world, when I’m not at work, I try to stay as creative as possible. Thus the blogging. For the most part, my outlet is writing.

Aside from being a writer, I am also, occasionally, a photographer. I would venture to say a pretty decent one, but that's mostly because I like taking pictures of things that are pretty in their own right. You can check some of them out over on the "Photos by Laura" tab.

When I’m not writing, taking photos or cooing over my kitten, I am usually with book in hand (2012 count as of April 1: 21), posing for photos and/or videos for le boyfriend, or trying to convince him that discovering avocados is the single best thing to happen to mankind. I also enjoy playing mental dress-up in designer clothing. That I can't afford. Evident by my Pinterest account.